2018 Arizona State Sun Devils

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    Since 2006, Arizona State has started 14, 9, 7, 7, 8, 6, 4, 6, 3, and 5 white players (there was no write-up in 2013). In 2018 they project to drop to 4 white starters, all on the offensive line - 18% of the starting players on offense and defense. Non-Hispanic whites make up 59.6% of the Arizona population (76.4% including white Hispanics).

    This team continues to stay very dark under new coach Herm Edwards, after Todd Graham's firing in November, with the exception of the OL which has 4/5 white starters and 4/5 white back-ups. There are no white receivers or running backs on the roster.

    RB-turned-LB Nick Ralston is the only white player on the defensive two-deep and will hopefully figure into calculations for the team in 2018 as a redshirt junior. Aside from Ralston and the OL definitely not a team to support due to their big fall in numbers over the last decade. Junior Cody French is a DB on the roster but hasn't seen the field yet. True freshman DE Michael Matus is also one to watch out of Katy, Texas, as are LBs Kyle Soelle (redshirt freshman) and Christian Lavalle (true freshman) and safeties Ty Thomas (sophomore) and Tyler Cosgrove (true freshman). If these guys get significant playing time (possibly this season but likely in the season or two afterwards) the Arizona State defense becomes slightly more palatable.

    LT: Casey Tucker (Graduate Transfer)
    LG: Alex Losoya (JR)
    C: Cohl Cabral (JR)
    RT: Quinn Bailey (SR)


    Back-ups on the two-deep include TE Tommy Hudson, LT Tyson Rising, LG Jesse Cozens, C Cade Cote, RG Jarrett Bell, and Mike LB Nick Ralston.
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    Looks like the athlete tight end is transferring and Tommy Hudson is new starting tight end, with Jared Bubak now also in the mix.

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