2017 UNLV Rebels

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    Since '06, UNLV has started 9, 6, 9 , 8, 8, 5, 7, 9, 7, and 7 white players. It looks like 7 again. Coach Tony Sanchez is entering his third year as HC after a very successful coaching career at local prep powerhouse Bishop Gorman. He seems to rely heavily upon recruiting JuCo players, and I wouldn't expect this program to whiten up anytime soon. In fact, he has looked to have screwed both senior quarterbacks Johnny Stanton and Kurt Palandech in favor of a young quotaback. Both these two seniors were extremely athletic, dual threat QBs, so this is a total bummer. Hopefully one manages to take over at some point this season.

    Offense -
    TE - Trevor Kanteman
    LT - Kyle Saxelid
    C - Zach Singer
    RT - Nathan Jacobson

    Defense -
    DT - Nick Dehdashtian
    LB - Bailey Laolagi
    FS - Dalton Baker - in a battle for position

    Notable backups include QBs Johnny Stanton and Kurt Palandech, TE Tim Holton, LT Michael Chevalier, LG Matt Brayton, DE Roger Mann, and LBs Kyler O'Halloran and Jacob Rominger.
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    Hopefully they fail this year with their shiny upside laden quotaback at the helm.
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    Oct 31, 2009
    Former Walk-on DB Dalton Baker leads UNLV in solo tackles after seven games.

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