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    Jul 30, 2006
    Since '05, the Pitt Panthers have started 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 11, 11, 10, 9, 7 and 8 whites. Pitt is projected to drop to 6 white starters in 2017 which would be the lowest recorded number since CF has been tracking white starter.

    Overall the roster is in pretty bad shape and it seems that Pat Narduzzi is intent on going all in with his caste belief system. The only right bright spot is he continues to recruit white QBs. Speaking of QBs - former USC QB Max Browne has transferred to Pitt - he is projected as the starting QB and will be interesting to watch in terms of a draft perspective and if he lives up to his former 5 star ranking. Pitt supposedly has a bright young QB on the horizon - Kenny Pickett who is projected to redshirt this season and he is down on the depth chart but who knows what may happen - he could be one to keep an eye on if Pitt's season tanks and Browne falters. OL Brian O'Neil and Alex Bookser are dominant and have a future playing on Sundays when they are draft eligible.

    While reading through a couple articles analyzing the depth chart which gushed over the supposed depth at the RB position this year one name obviously remains out of the conversation - that of George Alston who is white and has been put at his racially appropriate position of FB. All he did last year was total 10 touchdowns - he is a big back at 6'0 245 lbs and my guess he is just as athletic if not more so than similarly sized James Conners who left for the NFL. Hopefully he is able to create a niche again for himself on offense but he is a perfect example of the caste system in action.

    The defense features 0 white starters and two white DTs listed on the initial depth chart as backups. Other than that it is a very dark defense. Narduzzi has really been a disappointment in recruiting.

    The offensive line is 9/16 white athletes.

    Some players to look out for include QB Ben DiNucci, TE Matt Flanagan (Rutgers Transfer), DT Mike Herndon, DT Shane Roy

    QB - Max Browne
    FB - George Alston
    TE - Chris Clark
    LT - Brian O'Neil
    C - Connor Dintino
    RG - Alex Bookser
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    Jul 24, 2007
    Disappointed in Narduzzi. Really darkening up this roster. Browne picked a good spot to transfer. Pitt has a good track record with transfer QBs last few years. Zero White starters on Defense and hardly any depth coupled with darkening OL. Seems like dark days ahead, fitting in with the rest of the ACC.

    *Didnt realize Alston had 10TDs last year ' He's rewarded by being demoted to battering ram for the real affletes!
  3. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Browne is done for the year - he just had shoulder surgery. Hopefully they just play Kenny Pickett the rest of the season and let him develop. It sounds like he could be a good one.
  4. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    This article goes on and on about Pitt's crappy running game, but feeding Alston the ball more is never mentioned. In fact, Alston isn't mentioned at all.

    'Spark' didn't work, so what's next for Pitt's struggling backfield?


    The Post-Gazette also has an article today on Pitt's third string kicker kneeling during the anthem. He's White, and "grew" after rooming with two black teammates. I couldn't find the link for it, doesn't matter as it's disgusting SJW propaganda. This White kid, Ian Troost, transferred to Pitt from a Utah school so he's probably a Mormon, showing again that Mormons are as likely as any other Whites to be drinking the anti-White Kool-Aid these days.

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