2017 French Open

Discussion in 'Tennis' started by Shadowlight, May 16, 2017.

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    A few notes before we head into the teeth of the tennis season. Cute and gritty Simona Halep just won the Madrid clay court tournament. Halep has a wild temper that she needs to control but when she is on she can be a real firecracker. Maria Sharapova has not been allowed to enter the French Open. She is I think able to enter the qualifying rounds for Wimbledon, one of my favorite all time sporting events and my favorite tennis tournament. US Open is second. Roger Federer will not be playing at the French this year as he prepares for Wimbledon and his favorite surface grass. Probably a smart move by ole Rog.
    Sharapova has received little support from her cohorts although Djokovic is one of the rare players that has not piled on and offered her some encouraging words. Tennis in my mind has the most stringent and toughest drug policy of any sport you care to name. The drug Maria was taking was legal up until 2015. But rules are rules and I am all for zero tolerance but what other sport do you get nearly two full years as a first time offender? If the NFL had a policy as tough as tennis probably a quarter of the players would be suspended. You think tampered urine samples that those two players offered up at the NFL combine would fly in tennis? Hell no.
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    Djokovic was defeated in the Rome final in straight sets by youngster Alexander Zverev, an ethnic Russian from Germany, who jumps from 17 to 10 in the ATP rankings. He and Austrian Dominic hiem, who was incredible defeating Nadal in Rome and made it to the finals in Madrid (defeated by Rafa there) the previous week, are clearly the favourites to win a slam of the new kids coming through. They are also the only two players under 25 in the top 10, with only another three others between 11 and 20 in the rankings in that age category.

    Meanwhile, Djokovic has hired Andre Agassi as the latest "super coach". It worked out well for the Serb with Becker so I guess he's decided to try it again. Agassi doesn't seem to have paid much attention to the sport since leaving. What can he add to make give Novak a winner again? Confidence? I don't know.

    On the women's side Maria Sharapova has been denied a wild card due to her drug suspension. Simona Halep is looking to be in the best form on the women's side.

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