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    2016 New York Jets

    The Jets have never really been a white friendly team. Mangini was probably the most white friendly coach they had and he has been gone for almost a decade. The Gene Idzik/Fat Rex combo drafted alot of bad players which the Jets are purging from there roster however the current regime doesn't seem keen on changing things much either.

    The Jets haven't had stability at the QB position since Chad Pennington was healthy. Ryan Fitzpatrick resturns after an offseason holdout which threatened to make the dullard Geno Smiff the starting QB by default. Luckily Fitzpatrick came to his senses - he is a journeyman type QB and isn't a long term solution but is fun to watch and put up great numbers last season. I think the rifle armed Bryce Petty would of been the 2nd string QB this season if he did not injure his shoulder in the preseason finale. It is evident to me the biggest fan of Hackenberg that he is a work in progress. I am hoping he can be developed correctly and I won't get into how his last 2 years at Penn St. really tore down his mechanics.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Bryce Petty
    Christian Hackenberg

    Julian Howsare

    Offensive Line
    Nick Mangold
    Wesley Johnson
    Brian Winters
    Brent Qvale

    Tight End
    Braedon Bowman

    Wide Receiver
    Eric Decker

    Mike Catapano

    Practice Squad
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    RT Breno Giacomini is on the PUP list. He'll return later in the season.
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    Defensive end Dennis Byrd had 27 sacks in three seasons with the Jets in the late '80s and early '90s. He was a star, though of course under-publicized, during a very dark era when there were even fewer outstanding White defensive players and White WRs than there are today. I remember him well and went out of my way to see Jets games to watch him. (In stark contrast to today the Jets had a fair amount of White players in the '80s and early '90s; their famous "Sack Exchange" defensive line in the '80s was 3/4 White.)

    Byrd collided with White teammate Scott Mersereau on a play in 1992 and was initially totally paralyzed. He eventually was able to walk again and always maintained a positive attitude and became an inspirational speaker and all-around admirable man. Sadly he was killed in a car crash in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. RIP Dennis Byrd.
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    Christian Hackenberg the much maligned second round pick of the Jets this year has drawn the ire of weenieworld, pft, "experts" as a colossal bust even though the plan was to redshirt him all season. I was a huge Hack fan from his days at PSU and am pulling for the kid because in his freshman season he was a great player playing in a pro style offense. All of the mock drafts seem to want the clemson quotaback to end up in New York. Everyone is piling on this kid but he seems to have the right attitude and mentality. Here is an article regarding his playing status and him discussing what he has been doing this season:

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    In the age of the ultra-short attention span and ten-second soundbyte, it's disappointing but not surprising that the usual cuckspects are calling Hackenberg a bust before he's even played a single NFL game. Of course, melanin seems to change everything, as many of those "experts" are delusional enough to think that actual colossal mega-bust Geno Smiff still has "a place to shine" in the league...

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