2015 Masters

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    The Rory/Tiger final round pairing was especially humiliating for Woods. Rory shot -6 to Tiger's +1. And, Tiger could not come close to matching Rory's bombs off the tee - opting to hit the 3 wood a few times to keep it in the fairway (and save face.)
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    This man Spieth must have been groomed for golf since the cradle. At 21 he has the attention span and ability to concentrate of a 40 year old. He is very motivated and very mature. I doubt he'll be caught with liquor and whores.
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    Jordan Spieth won $9,000,000 for winning at The Masters :thumb:.

    I agree that Woods was far more likeable and pleasant overall at The Masters, both in the days leading up the tournament and during his four rounds of play. Perhaps at nearly 40 years old, he’s finally cleaning up his act?

    As for his alleged “dislocated wrist,â€￾ Faldo is correct in saying that there are no camera angles that depict Tiger re-setting his radius/ulna bones whatsoever. This video features slow-motion shots of the incident…


    The 2015 U.S. Open begins on June 18[SUP]th[/SUP] and is being held at Chambers Bay, a course that Woods has never played and has never hosted a Major Championship in the past.
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    Dec 19, 2004

    Jim Nantz: 'One of the epic performances in history of the sport...A new era has arrived'

    By John Strege
    Ordinarily one might accuse the CBS crew of gushing in their effusive praise for Jordan Spieth, but following an epic performance, a 21-year-old winning the Masters by four strokes on Sunday, they struck the right tone.

    “Jordan Spieth, you are a great role model to all the young men and women watching the game today,†Ian Baker-Finch said as he completed the 17th hole, “and we all wish you so well, the way you’re playing, the way you hold yourself. You’re a real credit.â€

    The overriding theme expressed was that the game, battered and beleaguered in recent months, has a bright future after all.

    “This is a momentous moment in the history of our game,†Nick Faldo said. “This is definitely a new man who could carry our game on for decades. If these two guys [Spieth and Rory McIlroy] hold and carry on our game with this excitement and this drama golf is in very, very good strong hands. Plus the chasing pack, the backup singers are pretty darn impressive, my goodness.â€

    Anchor Jim Nantz called it “one of the epic performances in the annals of this sport.

    “There are a lot of doomsdayers out there who had it all wrong, talking about where’s golf going, maybe it had lost its direction. Well, folks, you need a new agenda. An exciting new era has arrived. The next generation is here.â€

    What Jim Nance said was beautiful.
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    I was in 9th grade when Floyd went wire to wire.

    Congrats, Jordan, from *this* eastern PA native. May many major titles be in the offing for you.

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    Good call on where Tiger finished Thrashen. I didn't think he would finish that high, however, I thought he would make the cut.

    I don't think he was on that good of behavior this weekend. It's easy to be on good behavior when things are going well. During his practice and practice rounds he was reportedly playing well and his short game had improved.

    .....and he didn't play especially well on Thursday, 73, when many were under par. His attitude was terrible on Thursday, cursing and slamming clubs. Yes, he played pretty good on Friday and Saturday and controlled his temper, but it started to unravel again on Sunday when again he shot 73. I'll be convinced he's changed when he controls himself when during a bad round or poor shot, he'll keep his foul mouth shut and moves on.

    At 39, Tiger, 14 Major's, is one behind Jack's Major win pace. Jack had 15 Major's at age 38, won 2 at age 40 and his 18th at 46.

    Tiger will have to win a Major this year and at least 2 of 4 next year to stay on pace with Jack. That's 3 of the next 7 Major's just to keep pace. We'll see.

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