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    Jan 3, 2009
    Well, it's that time of year again, March! Which means March Madness is back! I know a lot of CFers are very interested in the tourney, so I'm working on scouting reports for each team in the field of 64. If someone would like to go more in depth with the different players on the team, feel free to!

    Automatic Bids

    ACC- Duke
    America East- Boston U.
    A-10- Richmond
    Atlantic Sun- Belmont
    Big 12- Kansas
    Big East- UConn
    Big Sky- Northern Colorado
    Big South- UNC Asheville
    Big 10- Ohio State
    Big West- UC Santa Barbara
    Colonial- Old Dominion
    C-USA- Memphis
    Horizon- Butler
    Ivy- Princeton
    MAAC- St. Peter's
    MAC- Akron
    MEAC- Hampton
    Missouri Valley- Indiana State
    Mountain West- San Diego State
    Northeast- Long Island
    Ohio Valley- Morehead State
    Pac-10- Washington
    Patriot- Backnell
    SEC- Kentucky
    SWAC- Alabama State
    Southern- Wofford
    Southland- Texas- San Antonio
    Summit- Oakland
    Sun Belt- UA Little Rock
    WAC- Utah State
    West Coast- GonzagaEdited by: Jack Lambert
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    Jan 3, 2009
    Well, the brackets are out now, and here are some of the big Caste matchups in the 1st/2nd rounds.

    Butler/Old Dominion
    K-State/Utah State
    BYU/Gonzaga or St. John's
    But a lot of white friendly teams meeting in the 1st/2nd rounds...

    Notre Dame/Akron
    Michigan St./Florida

    I'll post some more later.Edited by: Jack Lambert
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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    Michigan State (10 seed) is playing UCLA (7 seed) in the 1st round. I essentially consider this a black -vs- black.

    Michigan State got a better seed than they should have gotten.. at best, I would have given them a #12 seed.

    I see a lot of black -vs- black:

    Temple/Penn State
    George Mason/Villanova
    St. Johns/Gonzaga
    West Virginia/Clemson or UAB

    There are certainly some questionable things about this Tourny, no doubt, but I'm not seeing a big conspiracy.
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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    Preview: (7)Texas A&M -vs- (10)Florida State

    I see this as a Caste-matchup. A&M having 1 White (Nathan Walkup) and Florida State giving PT to 3 Whites (Dulkys, Kreft and Laucks).

    Florida State has a size advantage over A&M, and I think this is really Florida State's game to lose.. the question is, will Florida State "choke" again in the Big Dance?

    I don't see how the committee can give Texas a 4-seed and then give Texas A&M a 7-seed.. should be more like an 8 or 9. I'll be pulling hard for Florida State!
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    Apr 22, 2005
    If MSU is "black" when 1/3 of its rotation is white (and it would be higher if Russell Byrd was health), then I wish a lot more teams were "black."
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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    Do the Whites get "shot-attempts?" For some reason, I think MSU is the team of Kaylin Lucas, Summers and Green.. and "superhuman" Delvin Roe.

    EDIT: I recognize that what is a black team and what isn't a black team, is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and I'm fine with that. Edited by: Deadlift
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    Oct 3, 2008
    Suffolk County, NY
    Out of the White friendly teams, I like Duke and Notre Dame's chances of making the final 4. Duke's main threat is UConn and Notre Dame will have to deal with Kansas.

    Beyond those 2 I would say BYU is our next best hope. They are in the weakest bracket, only having to contend with Pittsburg (the weakest #1 seed) and Florida (whom they beat in the NCAA last year). If they had Davies, I'd say they'd be favored. Without him they really have not proven they are the same team. They were blown out by New Mexico, beat a lousy Wyoming, struggled to beat a lousy TCU, needed 52 from Jimmer to beat New Mexico and then lost badly to SDST. Not to be a downer but they have yet to "click" with the new lineup. We will need to see SuperJimmer for BYU to make a deep run. It's very possible and I of course will be rooting for this.

    Lastly, I am fearful of the slow-tempo Wisconsin laying another egg like they did against Penn St. That 30 something point effort was EMBARRASSING. I would not be surprised if they were upset by a very talented Belmont squad.
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    Jan 3, 2009
    I'm almost done with the East and West Region teams/matchups! I hope to have them up by tommorow! I think I'll have time to get the other two regions done before the games start.Edited by: Jack Lambert
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    Jul 24, 2007
    I doubt the Badgers will play poorly again. I'd like to belivs that Bo Ryan will have our guys ready to play and scrap. That was the lowest point a Wisconsin team has been at. I am counting on the team to make a rebound and show the nation what they can do in the tourney run. That performance was uncharacteristic of a Wisconsin squad. I'm still shocked..
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    The Deep South
    This is related to the Tourney teams, so I thought I'd post it here. As usual, Lapdog conveniently leaves a lot out of the discussion. Still, it is revealing to see the disparity growing.

    <h1 ="h2">Study: Grad rates gap hits 32 percent</h1>

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- A study released Monday shows growing disparity
    between graduation rates for white and black players at schools in the
    men's NCAA basketball tournament.

    An annual report by the
    University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in
    Sport found a 2 percent overall graduation rate increase to 66 percent
    for Division I players, but showed the rates for white players is
    increasing at a higher rate.

    The gap has
    grown from 22 percent in 2009 to a current level of 32 percent. White
    players show a 91 percent graduation rate, which is up 7 percent. Black
    players have a graduation rate at 59 percent, up 3 percent from last
    year's study.
    This is the third straight year the gap has increased.

    Lapchick, the institute director and primary author of the study, said
    the gap makes it hard to celebrate the overall progress.

    "To say
    that it's troubling is an understatement," Lapchick said. "It is a
    staggering gap, but I think you've seen an increased percentage among
    African-American athletes over the years because of the [Academic
    Progress Rate] thresholds. Losing scholarships is a big lever there. But
    I think now you have to raise the expectation level of the rates."

    was collected by the NCAA from member institutions for the study. The
    institute reviewed the six-year graduation rates of each school's
    freshman class that enrolled in 2003-04, then calculated a four-class
    average. Princeton was not included in the overall graduation rate
    figure because it, like other Ivy League schools, doesn't report
    graduation rates.

    Only five schools (Boston University, Northern
    Colorado, Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, North Carolina-Ashville) have
    graduation rates for black players that were higher than their figures
    for white players.

    The NCAA created the APR in 2004 to improve
    graduation rates, disciplining schools in the form of lost scholarships
    when they don't meet the NCAA standard for academic performance. Teams
    that score below 925 -- equal to a graduation rate of 50 percent -- can
    lose up to 10 percent of their scholarships. Poor performance over time
    could lead to harsher penalties.

    Lapchick said he would like to
    see the NCAA standard go up to 60 percent. Only 10 teams in this year's
    tournament show APRs below 925, with 41 teams with an APR of 950 or
    higher and 36 teams with an APR of 960 or higher.

    "I think that
    would help also put pressure on athletes, including African-American
    basketball players, and the schools will have to be more accountable to
    make sure they have the opportunity to be successful in finishing their
    degrees," Lapchick said.

    A report on the teams competing in the women's NCAA tournament will be released Tuesday.http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=6217303
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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    From looking at the brackets, I have concluded that the East (Ohio State's bracket) is the blackest.. and that the Southwest (the Kansas, Notre Dame, Purdue, Louisville & FSU bracket) "might" be the Whitest. I admit that I'm giving more credit to the "major" programs that have Whites.. because the Southeast bracket does have Butler, Belmont and Utah State, but they are in much tougher match-ups. I am supporting Wisconsin, whole-heartedly, against Belmont however.
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    Jul 12, 2007
    I don't suppose anyone else is watching this UNC-Ashville v UA-Little Rock playin game.
    Matt Dickey for UNCA is, as the bruthas say, a "Str8t Up Balla".
    He's only a junior. Should have an awesome senior season.
  13. Jack Lambert

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    Jan 3, 2009
    I watched for a little bit tonight, and Dickey is definatly a baller, it's a shame they won't be around long enough for people to get to watch him.
  14. Jack Lambert

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    Jan 3, 2009
    Well, here are my writeups for the East and West Regions. Let me know what you think! I'll get the other two up before action starts tommorow!

    East Region

    # 1 Ohio State - One of the best teams in the country has two white players who contribute heavily to the team this year. One of them, 2 guard Jon Diebler, starts. "3bler," as he is called, is an absolute sharpshooter from beyond the arc. He is one of the team leaders. Freshman point guard Aaron Craft is going to be a stud. He comes off the bench, but he plays starters' minutes easily. He is a great passer, quick as a cat, and can get good penetraition in the paint as well. The Buckeyes are easily talented enough to cut down the nets this year in Houston.

    # 16 UT-San Antonio or Alabama St. - Alabama St.- An all-black team who'll probably be going home in the first four game, either that or they'll be headed home after the first 10 minutes against Ohio State. UT-SA- The Roadrunners will be in the playoff against all-black Alabama St. I don't know much about them, other than that they use around three/four white players in their rotation. Playing for the "honor" to get the crap knocked out of them by the Buckeyes.

    # 8 George Mason - The cinderellas of a few years ago are back in the Big Dance. They are doing it with 1 white starter, 6-5 sophomore forward Luke Hancock, who averages 11 ppg, and plays 29 minutes per game. Unfortunatly, the only other white man on the roster has played in about 5 games this year, usually, he is glued to the end of the bench next to the other George Mason cheerleaders.

    # 9 Villanova - This team limps into the tournament having lost their last five games, including a game to South Florida in the first round of the Big East Tournament. Villanova has been dealing with injuries this year though. They have no white men that see the court, nor do they recruit any white players. These guys will be done by the 2nd round.

    # 5 West Virginia - The Mountaineers are another Big East team in the Dance. They have one everyday white starter in small forward Cam Thoroughman. Throroghman hustles on every play, but he doesn't strike me as being very athletic. Then again, his black teammates who give him the ball around once every game don't really give him a chance to do much, do they? Off the bench comes Deniz Kelicli, a foward who is from Istanbul. He's a great player beneath the rim, and has an excellent hook shot. Guard Dalton Pepper comes off the bench as the designated three point shooter, but for some reason, never gets to shoot many shots in a given game. Once in a while, if the planets and stars are aligned correctly, Jerry's son Jonnie West gets to come in the game.

    # 12 Clemson - The Tigers destroyed an undeserving UAB team to get in the Big Dance. They only have 1 white starter, however, the athletic 2-guard Tanner Smith, who averages around 8 ppg, despite playing 28 minutes per game. Backup big man Catalin Baciu may see action in the tourney. The only other white man on the roster has played in all of four games this year.

    # 4 Kentucky - Calipari brought in more freshmen to start for them, but their white starter is senior forward Josh Harrellson. Harrellson is a beast on the boards, because he has to be if he's going to get any touches or points. Most of Harrellson's points come off putbacks from offensive rebounds. He is the only white who sees regular minutes for Kentucky. Sometimes, junior guard Jon Hood may get the nod as a 3 point shooter, but not very often when I've seen the Wildcats play this year.

    # 13 Princeton - The Ivy League champs come into the Dance with four everyday white starters. They are forwards Ian Hummer, Patrick Saunders, center Brendan Connolly, and guard Dan Mavraides. Two whites come off the bench in guard T.J. Bray and forward Mack Darrow. I know they're a jump-shooting team, but that's about it. I'll of course be cheering for them to beat the Wildcats.

    # 6 Xavier - All-black except for starting 7 foot junior Kenny Frease. Frease is a beast inside, and his teammates will actually give him the ball during games. The Big man is also a key cog defensivly. Frease is third on the team with nearly 12 ppg, and averages 7 rebounds per game. The only other white player for the Musketeers this year is forward Andrew Taylor, who averages around 10 mpg. Frease will be key defensivly against stopping Marquette.

    # 11 Marquette - I don't know much about this team, except they run a fast paced offense. They're all-black racists who'll be going home by the second round.

    # 3 Syracuse - Remember the days when Syracuse played both Eric Devandorf and Andy Rautins quite a bit. Now things are back to normal, with the only white players the Orange have seeing the court this year about as much as you or me. Anyway, Syracuse has been inconsistent this year in Big East play, but they should get through the first round.

    # 14 Indiana St. - The MVC Champs may not have Larry Bird this time around, but they'll still try to create some magic in the Big Dance this year against Syracuse. They start two everyday white players, 6-4 guards Jake Odum, and Aaron Carter. Guard Jake Kelly's also started some games this year, but he's been battling the injury bug. Off the bench comes guard Jordan Printy, and Forward R.J. Mahurin. I unfortunatly don't know how these guys play, I haven't been able to see much of their games this year. I think they can give Syracuse a run in the first round.

    # 7 Washington - I haven't seen the Huskies play this year, but they only have one white man on the whole roster. Should be an ugly, up-tempo game against Georgia.

    # 10 Georgia - One white athlete sees playing time for the Bulldogs, but that's still better than what Washington puts on the floor. Could both of these teams lose?

    # 2 North Carolina - The Tar Heels come into the NCAA Tourney, and after missing it last year, they'll be ready to be back in the Big Dance. Athletic big man Tyler Zeller is the Tar Heels' only white starter, but he's a beast, when he gets the ball that is. Harrison Barnes is finally playing better for the Heels over the last couple of games, and how he and point guard Kendall Marshall play will be key in UNC's tournament run this year.

    # 15 Long Island - Only two white athletes get playing time for this very small team. I hope they enjoyed the flight to Charlotte, becuase they'll be back on that same flight home pretty quick.

    West Region

    # 1 Duke - The Dukies are looking to repeat as NCAA Champs this year. Duke starts three everyday white players. Forward Kyle Singler, who has been on fire as of late, is averaging 17 ppg on the year. Singler is a very athletic player who shut down Harrison Barnes in the ACC Championship game, and can put the ball up from anywhere on the floor. Joining him is incredibly athletic big man Mason Plumlee. If he stays out of foul trouble, Mason has put up some big numbers for the Blue Devils this year, and he leads the team in blocks.. The other forward spot is occupied by Mason's brother Miles, or Ryan Kelly. Both players are very athletic and Kelly is a pretty good three point shooter, while Miles plays mostly inside. The Dukies can make another deep run in the Big Dance this year.

    # 16 Hampton - This all-black college has a small lineup and will be heading home around half time against Duke.

    # 8 Michigan - Dancing for the first time in 13 years, Michigan looks to be one of the fairer teams in the tourney when it comes to playing white men. The Wolverines will have two everyday white starters with Junior guard Zack Novak, who is one of Michigan's better players. The other starter will be either junior guard Stu Douglass, or 6-9 freshman forward Evan Smotrycz, depending on the matchup they have. Off the bench comes 6-4 sophomore guard Matt Vogrich. I haven't seen these guys play for more than 10 minutes this year, so I can't comment much on the players. All told, Michigan uses 4 white players in their eight man rotation. Depending on the matchup, Michigan can make some noise in the Big Dance this year. If Michigan slows the game down against the Vols, expect Michigan to win the game.

    # 9 Tennessee - An all-black starting lineup. The only two white players that have even played when I've been watching the Vols are Steven Pearl, the coaches son, and Skylar McBee, a reserve guard. The Vols will attempt to run slower-paced Michigan off the floor. A very Jekell and Hyde team this year, which version shows up will determine how far Tennessee gets.

    # 5 Arizona - Only one white player gets any meaningful minutes for the Wildcats, and he averages less than 10 min. per game.

    # 12 Memphis - An all-black team that won the C-USA tourney to get into the Big Dance. I haven't seen these guys play for more than 5 minutes this year, so I can't comment on them.

    # 4 Texas - The incredibly inconsistent Longhorns this year give playing time to two white players, starting one of them. Dogus Balbay, originally from Istanbul, has started every game this year at the point for Texas. Balbay doesn't offer much offensivly, but he is a fierce defender. The only other white who gets playing time for the Longhorns is athletic F/C Matt Hill, who's also played in every game this year. Texas and Oakland should be an intruging matchup.

    # 13 Oakland - The Grizzlies have two white starters: Will Hudson, and Travis Bader (he starts about half of their games.) Oakland has four players that average over 10 ppg. This includes forward Will Hudson at 13 ppg, and guard Travis Bader has 11 ppg. I haven't seen this team, so I can't say how each person plays. Serb Illija Milutinovic comes off of the bench as a backup center. Oakland could be a sleeper team in the brackets this year.

    # 6 Cincinnati - I could care less about the all black Bearcats and how they do in the tournament. They have one white player who even sees the court at all.

    # 11 Missouri - The only white man that gets consistent minutes for them is 6-9 senior forward Justin Safford, who is an increbibly athletic player. Guard Ricky Kreklow also sees a minute or two here and there. Benchwarmer Jarrett Sutton is the only other white man on the roster. I could care less how good this team does in the tourney.

    # 3 UConn - I hate, hate, hate Jim Calhoun and his racist teams. They're not as talented as they have been in the last couple of years. They start one white player in either Neils Giffey or Tyler Olander. It doesn't matter though, because Jim Calhoun usually pulls them fairly quickly, and they never see the floor again. Giffey did play 21 minutes against Marquette earlier, but that was when Calhoun wasn't coaching. It was back to his normal 5 minutes per game after he got back. That being said, this team is mostly freshmen and sophomores besides Kemba Walker, UConn's go-to guy. If UConn gains confidence, they'll be a team to be reckoned with in the Tourney, if they don't it'll be an early exit for Calhoun and company.

    # 14 Bucknell - I know nothing about the Patriot League Champions.

    # 7 Temple - The Owls start one white player in guard Juan Fernandez, from Argentina. He averages 11 ppg, and leads the team in assists. The other white player for the Owls to get time is sophomore guard T.J. DiLeo, who has averaged 13 minutes in 31 games this year. The Owls look to match up with Penn State in the first round.
    # 10 Penn State - Only one white player sees any regular minutes for the Nittany Lion, and he averages 15 ppg. Watching them this year, they've been really inconsistent, and were a "questionable" selection to the Big Dance.

    # 2 San Diego State - A very good team out of the MWC. Kawhi Leonard and Billy White are monsters on the boards as part of a very good Aztec front court. Unfortunatly, the only white player who sees any action is designated three point specialist James Rahon. This team could make a run to the Sweet 16 at least, with their only two losses coming at the hands of BYU.

    # 15 Northern Colorado - The Big Sky Champs are dancing for the 1st time, and are led by Senior guard Devon Beitzel, who is one of the two white starters on the team. Beiztel is a big leader for the Bears, and makes the clutch shots for them as well. He is the team's leading scorer with over 21 ppg, and willed his team to victory over the Montana Grizz in the Big Sky Championship. The other white white starter is forward Neal Kingman, who is 2nd on the team with around 10 ppg. The two whites that come off of the bench is guard Tate Unruh, and F/C Mike Proctor, who leads the team in rebounds. This team could give S.D.S.U a bit of a run in their game, they won't go away easily.
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    Nov 13, 2005
    Jack, awesome work on this, I'll be referring to your post when the results come in.
  16. Jack Lambert

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    Jan 3, 2009
    Here are the other two regions, the Southeast and Southwest


    # 1 Kansas - The Jayhawks start and play two white guards in Brady Morningstar and Tyrel Reed, both who have a knack for knocking down important shots for the Jayhawks. Kansas is powered inside by the Morris twins, so Morningstar and Reed need have good games on the outside to keep teams honest. Kansas is considered one of the favorites in the tournament, and they should get started nicely against Boston U.

    # 16 Boston U. - This racist team has exactly zero white starters. Well, they would've had one, but it looks like he's been out for quite awhile. One white man gets playing time for the Terriers, and that is guard Matt Griffin. The other 3 whites on the roster are usually decorations at the end of the bench. I hope they enjoyed the flight, because they're going home pretty quick.

    # 8 UNLV - Only one white even logs any meaningful minutes for the Runnin' Rebels this year. Their biggest guys aren't the best players and come off the bench, which means Mike Tisdale and the Illini frontcourt could have a big day against this team.

    # 9 Illinois - The inconsistent Fighting Illini start two whites, and two more come off the bench for Bruce Weber's club. 7-1 senior center Mike Tisdale has been a good player this year. The athletic Tisdale is third on the team in scoring and 2nd on the team in rebounds. He is also far and away the Illini's best shot blocker with 52 this year. Sometimes joining Tisdale in the starting lineup is foward Bill Cole, who is also very lengthy at 6-9, and is a pretty good athlete. Another 7 foot center comes off the bench in freshman Meyers Leonard, who I think has improved a lot this year when he plays, which is around 8.5 mpg. He'd get more time if it wasn't for Tisdale. The fourth white player is also a forward, Tyler Griffey, who sees around 5 minutes in the games he plays. The Illini frontcourt should love their matchup with UNLV.

    # 5 Vanderbilt - The Commodores are back in the dance again this year. Dynamic point guard Brad Tinsley is one of the team's leaders, along with Austin Jenkins, and Tinsley is their only white starter. He is of course way more athletic than he is given credit for. He makes some great passes, and has enough hops to dunk the ball. Tinsley is the only white man on the Commodores who gets any minutes at all. This team has been pretty inconsistent this year, so depending on what team shows up will determine how far the Commodores go in the Big Dance this year.

    # 12 Richmond - There is only one white starter for the Spiders, 6-9 senior Dan Geriot. He actually gets the ball a little bit, averaging 10 ppg. The only other white player who sees any time on a regular basis for the Spiders is 6-11 Aussie G/F Josh Duinker.

    # 4 Louisville - After a strong finish in the Big East Tourney, the Cards are ready to make run in the Big Dance. Louisville is exciting to watch, as they play an up-tempo offense and a pressure, trapping defense. The Cardinals have two white starters, the explosive Kyle Kuric at Small Forward, and part time starter Stephan Van Treese at Power Forward, who has started about 1/2 of Louisville's games. Kyle Kuric is one of the most athletic players in the entire Big East. He rebounds like a beast, and he can drive the ball to the hoop, and knock down the three, a complete player. Van Treese doesn't see the ball very much, but when he does, he can finish with it. Two whites come off the bench for Louisville, one is sharpshooter Mike Marra, the Card's deadliest three point sniper. When he's on, Marra can't miss from three, and he can also take it to the hole at times if the three isn't there. The other is Elisha Justice, a white walk-on also gets some time in the game as a backup Point Guard. Louisville has the pieces to make a great tourney run, and it would help them if guard Peyton Siva stays out of foul trouble and Preston Knowles plays well.

    # 13 Morehead State - Only three white players on the roster for the Eagles, but one of them starts, and the other comes off the bench for some good minutes. Junior guard Ty Proffit has started all of the Eagle's 33 games this year, he averages 32 minutes per game, and 8 ppg. Forward Drew Kelly comes off the bench, and averages around 20 mpg, and has even started 13 games for the Eagles this year. Morehead State could be one of those cinderella teams this year that make it to the Sweet 16.

    # 6 Georgetown - They're an all black team, with the exception of freshman power forward Nate Lubik, who barely ever gets the ball on offense. Georgetown lost it's floor leader, point guard Chris Wright, and they've been struggling without him on the floor. Guard Austin Freeman and center Julian Wright are the Hoya's two best players without Wright. I hope they lose in the 1st round, as I do every year.

    # 11 VCU - There isn't a white man good enough to even sit on the bench for these racists. They play a press, trapping defense, which will keep them in a game for awhile, but I think Georgetown will eventually pull away from these guys.

    # 3 Purdue - The Boilermakers start two whites in 3 point shooters Ryne Smith, and D.J. Byrd. Big man Patrick Carrol also comes into the game for Purdue. When Smith gets hot, he can't miss. But this is JaJuan Johnson's and Etwaun Moore's team, and how they do will determine how far Purdue gets.

    # 14 St. Peter's - A small all black team that has no player worthy to be on the same court as Purdue.

    # 7 Texas A&M - Only one white contributor to the team, starting forward Nathan Walkup. They'll be at a size disadvantage when they play the Seminoles.

    # 10 Florida State - The Seminoles give playing time to three white players, even letting one of them start. That would be guard Deividas Dulkys, who is an excellent jumpshooter. He's add his games, but Dulkys hasn't been real consistent this year. Bringing some size into the Seminole lineup off the bench is 7-0 F/C Jon Kreft. Guard Luke Loucks also comes off the bench for FSU. With their size advantage, this should be a win for Florida State, but you never know.

    # 2 Notre Dame - After losing in the first round last year, the Fighting Irish have the talent to make a Final Four run this year. Notre Dame has three white starters, led by Big East POY Ben Hansbrough, who's played 35 minutes per game, and averages nearly 21 ppg. Hansbrough is a fierce competitor and a great athlete, as well as the team leader. He can also play either guard spot, and when "Psycho B" is on, no one's gonna stop him. Also starting is forward Tim Abromaitis, who average 15 ppg and 5.4 rpg. The athletic Abromaitis is a complete player for the Irish, able to work in the point, or knock down the three when he wants. The third white starter for the Irish is forward Scott Martin, who is a pretty good athlete, and can do pretty much anything. Off the bench comes F/C Jack Cooley, who is a beast on the boards.

    # 15 Akron - I watched Akron for about 5 minutes at the start of the MAC Championship game, and I know they have 3 white starters, and are a very fearless team. It'll be interesting to see how they play against Notre Dame.


    # 1 Pittsburgh - Another all black racist team from the Big East. They're a talented team, and are a threat to cut the nets down in March. How they do will depend on the health of guard Ashton Gibbs. Guard Brad Wanamaker is Pitts' best player besides Gibbs. These guys should make it past the 1st round with ease.

    # 16 UNC-Asheville - Asheville has a great player in Matt Dickey, but he won't be enough against a loaded Pitt. squad.

    # 8 Butler - The Big Dance runner up returns to the tournament this year hitting their stride. They struggled early on in the year as they tried to replace Gordan Hayward, but they've got their chemistry back now, and are a dangerous tourney team this year. Butler has three white starters this year, All-Conference forward, 6-8 senior Matt Howard, whose averaging 17 points and 8 rebounds, long and athletic center Andrew Smith, who is a beast on the boards, and guard Chase Stigall, who can stroke it from deep. Two white subs come off the bench for Butler's nine man rotation in sharpshooter Zach Hahn, and forward Garrett Butcher. Howard is the team's best player, he'll be working in the paint one possession, and then pull up from three on the next. Butler may not make the Final Four like last year, but as long as Howard and Shelvin Mack play well, they'll clertainly be a dangerous team again this year.

    # 9 Old Dominion - The Monarchs have an all black starting lineup, and in fact, only one white player sees any meaningful time for them at all. Another has played in all of around 3-4 games this year. These are ODUs only two white men on the roster.

    # 5 Kansas State - The team has really been inconsistent, this year, but they looked to have turned it on over the last part of the season. However, only one white player sees the court for Frank Martin's racist squad. That player is the 6-3 true frosh Point Guard Will Spradling, who does play 21 minutes per game. Since he is the point guard, his black teammates can't keep the ball away from him when he's in the game. He's 2nd on the team this year with 62 assists, and 5th in scoring with 6.3 PPG. Despite Spradling, I'm still rooting for this team to go down within the 1st two rounds.

    # 12 Utah State - The WAC Champs are dancing again this year. Utah State starts two white players and uses four white players in their norarmal 7 man rotation. The two white players that start are forward Nate Bendall and guard Tyler Newbold. Two white players come off the bench, guard Brian Green and forward Brady Jardine. Brian Green is third on the team in scoring with nearly 11 ppg. Brady Jardine is second on the team in rebounding. If Utah State hangs with Kansas State for the first part of the game, the Aggies have a great shot to pull the upset.

    # 4 Wisconsin - The Badgers start four white players, including athletic forward Jon Leuer. Leuer is one of the better players in the country at his position, and he keys Wisconisn's defense. Keaton Nankivil joins Leuer in the frontcourt for the Badgers. Freshman Josh Gasser, who made a 3 point shot to win the Michigan game, starts at guard for the Badgers. Mike Bruesewitz and Tim Jarmusz rotate the starting spot at forward. Jared Berggren comes off the bench for Wisconsin. If the Badgers can get past Belmont, they can make it to the Sweet 16.

    # 13 Belmont - A fearless team out of the Atlantic Sun Conference that lives on the 3-point shot. Belmont starts four white players, and uses 7 white players in it's 11-man rotation. Belmont is shooting 38% from three this year, and make 9.4 3's per game, good for 2nd in the country. F/C Mick Hedgepeth brings some size to the floor for Belmont, and is one of their biggest guys. Guards Drew Hanlen and G/F Jon House are two more white starters for the Bruins. The last white starter is either forward Brandon Baker or Trevor Noack. Three white atheletes average over 10mpg off of the bench. It wouldn't be a surprise to see this quick paced, 3-point shooting squad knock off the slower-paced Wisconsin Badgers in the first round.

    # 6 St. John's - St. John's has had a nice resurgance this year, getting back in the tourney after being down for a couple of years. St. John's is an all-black team, with only one white player on the roster. They were a dangerous team at Madison Square Garden this year, where they've blown out Duke, Notre Dame, and UConn, plus they've beat Pitt on a buzzer beater, but they're a different story away from New York, though. The loss of forward D.J. Kennedy will hurt this team in the tournament.

    # 11 Gonzaga - Gonzaga is dancing for the 13th year in a row, winning both the WCC Season title, and the WCC Tourney over the St. Mary's Gaels. Gonzaga starts no white players at all this year. David Stockton, John's son, who is arguably the Zag's best player, comes off the bench for the Bulldogs. He plays great defense, makes crisp passes, and can drive the ball or shoot the three. Gonzaga's other white players who should get minutes are Kelly Olynk, German Mathis Monninghoff, and guard Jon Hart. The Zags could be dangerous this March - if they let Stockton play over the overrated Demitri Goodson. Stockon keeps the Zags in every game when he's in, and he makes them a dangerous team.

    # 3 BYU - The Cougars are led by superman guard Jimmer Fredette. Fredette has unbelievable moves and shots, and leads the nation in scoring at around 27 ppg. Joining him in the backcourt is Jackson Emery. Emery is a great passer, and commits nearly no turnovers most of the team. He is very athletic, and can dunk the ball. Noah Hartsock starts at forward for BYU. Hartsock is a very versitale player that can play inside, and he is a good shooter beyond the arc as well. Stephen Rodgers and Ben Anderson have been each been starting as they try to find a replacement for leading rebounder Brandon Davies. BYU hasn't looked like the same team since Davies was suspended, and it looks like BYU will need Super Jimmer to have a shot at a deep Tournament run this year.

    # 14 Wofford - The Terriers are powered by senior forward Noah Dahlman, who leads the team in scoring at 20 ppg. Dahlman is an athletic player that will give BYU some trouble in their game. Joining Dahlman is junior guard Brad Loesing. Guard Kevin Glitner comes off the bench for the Terriers; he plays nearly 22 minutes per game. It'll be interesting to see how this team plays the Cougars today.

    # 7 UCLA - The Bruins have only one white starter, but he is a beast. That is forward Reeves Nelson. Nelson is an absolute monster in the paint, and he nearly averages a double double this year. The only other white player who gets any minutes is sophomore forward Brendan Lane. UCLA has been really inconsistent this year, but they're playing an inconsistent team in Michigan State, so anything can happen.

    # 10 Michigan State - Tom Izzo's Spartans are back in the Big Dance after a less than great year. Michigan State does have two white starters in senior walk-on guard Mike Kebler, and sophomore center Garrick Sherman. However, they rarely see very many shot attempts. Kalin Lucas, Delvon Roe, and Durrell Summers usually take all of the shots. White guard Austin Thornton usually doesn't see more than 4 or 5 shot attempts. Michigan State usually overachieves in NCAA Tournaments, so they'll probably get through the second round.

    # 2 Florida - The Gators are back dancing this year due to the play of the team's best athlete and leader, senior foward Chandler Parsons. Parsons can do a bit of everything for the Gators, including playing in the post, and knocking down threes from the perimeter. Parsons plays some good defense too. He has nailed many tough shots for the Gators over the course of his career. Parsons is Florida's only white starter. The only other white man that gets minutes for the Gators is F/C Erik Murphy, who doesn't see the ball a whole lot, or a lot of playing time for that matter. So much for the Gators being "a mecca for white players." The Gators do have the talent to get to the Sweet 16 this year.

    # 15 UCSB - These guys should be happy to be in the Tourney.
  17. Jack Lambert

    Jack Lambert Hall of Famer

    Jan 3, 2009
    What a great game by Matt Howard with the tip at the buzzer to give Butler the win, 60-58!![​IMG] He finished with 15 points and 8 rebounds. Andrew Smith also played well today, despite being in the game with 4 fouls most of the second half.

    Thanks for the compliment, referendum. [​IMG] Edited by: Jack Lambert
  18. whiteathlete33

    whiteathlete33 Hall of Famer

    Mar 18, 2007
    New Jersey
    Nice work Jack! It's a shame to see so many coal black or almost all black teams. The Zags used to be very white friendly but it doesn't look like they will anymore.
  19. Westside

    Westside Hall of Famer

    Sep 23, 2008
    So Cal
    Behind the power curve on College basketball this year. Jack, great write ups on the teams, and who I should support. Hopefully this year will have a similar result of the Blue Devils epic 2010 year!
  20. Jack Lambert

    Jack Lambert Hall of Famer

    Jan 3, 2009
    Thanks a lot for the compliments guys, I appreciate it! [​IMG] I'm glad I could help!

    Some bad news, Louisville, who play 3-4 white players, is done already. They lost to Morehead State. Mike Marra got fouled on his last shot attempt, but of course they didn't call it. A good team to support down already. [​IMG]

    I'm honestly surprised Butler didn't lose too. The refs tried to take Matt Howard and Andrew Smith out of the game with fouls, but they pretty much played through the foul trouble. Not that the Bulldogs deserved to lose, but for awhile there, the refs wanted Old Dominion to win.

    Some crazy finishes in the Big Dance so far this year.
  21. TwentyTwo

    TwentyTwo Master

    Oct 31, 2009
    Fantastic work...always appreciated...crazy endings indeed!

    Kentucky narrowly escaped over Princeton...Ky was down by 5 earlier and got (LUCKY) the benefit of 2 horrible calls in less than a min to go on a 14-4 run..yet Princeton still came back to tie it and only lost by 2... with 2 sec left...wonder what dwf's had to say about a brainy 13th seed hang with mighty Kentucky

    BTW Soph. Forward 6'-7"Ian Hummer is very athletic with great blocked shot on a dunk and terrific tap in off a miss...
    Edited by: TwentyTwo
  22. Jack Lambert

    Jack Lambert Hall of Famer

    Jan 3, 2009
    The "Little Jimmer" Devon Beitzal is coming alive against San Diego State with 16 points, bringing Northern Colorado to within three of the Aztecs.

    Temple guard Juan Fernandez had a great game today against Penn State. He scored 23 points(including the game-winning shot!) as the Owls squeaked by Penn State.Edited by: Jack Lambert
  23. Deadlift

    Deadlift Hall of Famer

    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    I just got finished pulling out roots with my dad.. nothing is like some good work in the Spring! Now, I will watch some b-ball!

    Good to see Penn State and Clemson go down.. hopefully, Texas A&M and K-State are next! And, good job Butler!!
  24. ToughJ.Riggins

    ToughJ.Riggins Hall of Famer

    Nov 19, 2006
    Ontario Canada
    Sad to see Lousiville knocked out. Petino is usually bad from a caste perspective, but had a fair squad this year. Injuries and a key missed foul shot cost Lousiville in this game. Hopefully this team can make a run next year, so Petino doesn't coward out and pull a blame whitey act with his recruiting. Lousiville was a good team and could have made a long run if they stayed healthy and if Elijah Justice simply sunk his foul shots. Lousiville did have trouble with the top offensive rebounder in the country who played for Morehead, yet anybody would have. I forget how to spell his name, but you guys know who I'm talking about right? He had about 18 rebounds in this game.
  25. Jack Lambert

    Jack Lambert Hall of Famer

    Jan 3, 2009
    Yeah, I know what you mean Tough. That guy was a beast.

    Anyway, Jimmer and co. escaped the Terriers today. Noah Hartsock can really shoot the three.

    Wisconsin got past Belmont fairly easily today.

    I also want Stockton and Gonzaga to knock off completely black St. John's tonight.

    A huge caste matchup on right now on Tru TV with fair Utah State going up against the nearly all-black Wildcats of K-State.Edited by: Jack Lambert

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