2010 Penn State Nittany Lions

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    Well well, Paterno won't let his quotaback go.


    STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Penn State quarterback Rob Bolden's father says coach Joe Paterno has denied his son's request to transfer.

    Bolden Sr. said he wasn't expecting Paterno to turn down the
    quarterback in a meeting Tuesday. It's unclear what Bolden will do next,
    with spring semester classes starting Monday.

    "I'm pretty upset,"
    Bolden told the Altoona Mirror Tuesday. "I didn't understand why he
    would want me to stay if I didn't want to be there. I was looking to get
    out and get a release, but he thinks otherwise."

    Bolden was the first true freshman to open
    the season at quarterback in Paterno's 45-year head-coaching tenure
    with the Nittany Lions (7-6). He started eight games, but suffered a
    concussion vs. Minnesota. He then lost the job two weeks later to sophomore Matt McGloin after getting pulled vs. Northwestern.

    Bolden Sr. said his son was only interested in playing at the FBS level.

    "We were under the impression he would get a release and find himself in a better situation," Bolden Sr. said.

    He also said Bolden was wary of talk by coaches that there would be an open competition for the job come spring practice.

    I do come back, for that time me being there, I'll take advantage of
    what I have to do and not be a problem for the program," Bolden said to
    the Altoona Mirror. "But I'm not looking to do that at all."

    Tuesday, Bolden's mother, Tonia Williams, said she hoped her son would
    change his mind on transferring, but stood by him.

    McGloin, the
    first former walk-on to start at quarterback for Paterno, helped revive
    the offense in the second half of the season. But he threw five
    interceptions in the 37-24 loss to Florida at the Outback Bowl last week.

    The future of a third Penn State quarterback, Kevin Newsome, is also unclear.

    former top recruit and second-stringer was skipped over on the depth
    chart by McGloin after Bolden got hurt. Newsome met with Paterno a
    couple times last month and did not travel for the bowl. He was expected
    to meet with coaches again this week.

    A team spokesman said
    earlier Tuesday that Bolden and Newsome were still on the roster, and
    that there was no change in status for either player.

    Penn State also has another touted quarterback recruit in freshman Paul Jones on the roster. Jones redshirted this season.
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    I didn't realize that Bolden was God's gift to quarterbacking. This kid wants to transfer from PSU because as a freshman he's no longer starting? As much as I like McGloin, after the bowl game and all those picks, I'm sure there's going to be a competition for the QB job.
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    Amazing what whiny bitches black players are. You have to be one sorry white man as a coach to put up with that sh*t. This year at Michigan the white QB Tate Forcier, last year's starter, had to put up with all kinds of reprisals for being upset about losing his starting position. The media and fans were on his ass constantly. But those two ass clowns at Penn State get all bummed about a white guy passing them up and they act like jilted teen age girls. Maybe Paterno's doing the only thing he can to get back at him by refusing his transfer. Just wait for the race baiters to claim it's SLAVERY to not let a black man out of his commitment!
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    When a white guy passes them on the depth chart, the quotabacks get emotionally comprimised. [​IMG]

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    I knew they had another quotaback.. and I knew his last name was "Jones".. but I was thinking his first name was Mike..

    Now, what are the "odds" of 3 quotabacks and ZERO ebonic names?!! [​IMG]

    Paul, Kevin and Robert.. what a trio. Paterno has truly GONE MAD.

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