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    Sep 30, 2004
    In recent years the Panthers have had as many as 9 white starters (2006) and as many as 23 white players on their roster (2005), but in 2008 they are just another overwhelmingly black NFL team.

    Carolina has joined the list of teams that remain enamored of underachieving, slow-footed, sumo-sized black offensive linemen. There are two very solid white starters in LT Jordan Gross, the former number one draft pick now in his 6th season out of Utah; and C Ryan Kalil, the second round selection in '07 out of Southern Cal.

    Geoff Hangartner is the only white o-line backup.

    Jake Delhomme is back and looking strong after undergoing Tommy John surgery last year. Delhomme is always solid and has a knack for mounting comebacks and winning games with big plays.

    Josh McCown, who has the talent to play WR or RB in the NFL, is the second quarterback. He has had starting opportunities in the past but has been jerked around quite a bit. He had some huge passing games for a bad Arizona Cardinals team in 2004 but was demoted and later went to Detroit and Oakland before landing with Carolina.

    Matt Moore, in his second year out of Oregon State, was forced into the starter's role late in 2007 and showed a lot of potential in a difficult situation.

    Brad Hoover begins his 9th season as Carolina's starting fullback. In 2000 and 2004, injuries to the team's "real" running backs forced Hoover into an emergency starting role and both seasons Hoover delivered with strong performances. However, the man who set rushing records for Western Carolina has otherwise always been kept in his racially correct role of opening holes for black tailbacks, as neither the Panthers nor any other team ever had any interest in using Hoover as a power back. In 8 seasons Hoover has a career total of 899 yards; sadly that's positively John Riggins-like compared to any other white backs currently in the racist NFL.

    Virginia Tech grad Jeff King is the starting tight end but he is routinely castigated for an alleged lack of "athleticism" and the drunk white fans and media are clamoring for backup Dante Rosario to be moved ahead of King on the depth chart.

    Gary Barnidge, a rookie out of Louisville, is the third TE.

    On defense, Tyler Brayton, a first round pick of the Raiders in 2003, is the lone white starter. He plays left end.

    MLB Adam Seward was a 4th round draft pick in '05 but ended up on IR his rookie season and has yet to seriously challenge for a starting job.

    A more likely future starter is rookie LB Dan Connor, who had a brilliant career at Penn State (419 career tackles) but somehow dropped to the third round of the draft in April because of "tight hips" or some other mystical characteristic that seems only to afflict white football players. Connor is stuck behind Jon Beason for the short-term, but unless Carolina decided to waste a draft pick will hopefully get an opportunity to play regularly at some point.

    Jason Kyle is listed as a linebacker but is used solely as a White Special Teams Demon.

    NUMBER OF WHITE STARTERS: 6 (5 if King loses his starting position at TE)


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    Nov 13, 2005
    In another surprising move, the Panthers have joined the trend of late season white defensive backup callups, by activating Nick Hayden from the practise squad.
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    Jun 3, 2007
    Panthers starting 7 whites tonight. Hope the trend continues.
  4. Jack Lambert

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    Jan 3, 2009
    Panthers signed Kevin Kaesviharn.

    From Rotoworld:
  5. Jimmy Chitwood

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    Aug 10, 2005
    a "liability" in coverage? wow. i guess we might as well start making up completely false reports, too ... [​IMG]

    according to super agent Scott Boras, Carolina Panthers are hoping to sign Bigfoot![​IMG]
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    The Deep South
    I can hear it now "Bigfoot got one of those big paws on the ball!"
  7. dwid

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    Feb 17, 2008
    I wish the Saints would have kept Kevin. He was actually pretty good. The Saints were able to run more zone coverage and cover up the cornerback's problems, yet Saints fans still think he was the worst safety ever to play for the Saints. They all boast about the time the Saints bloodied Carson Palmer's nose, but they forget that it was Kevin that who did the damage. Bullocks, the guy he replaced was horrible, always looked like he was lost.

    The one play that is brought up is a pass interference call he received against the Bears which cost the game. In reality, there was no pass interference, it was a bs make up call by the refs because a black db interfered with a would be Greg Olsen touchdown in the final seconds of the 4th quarter and they missed it. So it went to overtime and they called an interference call against KK when Hester went deep. Put them in field goal position to win the game. Im pretty sure it was KK who the bs interference call was against. I know he at least gets the blame for it.Edited by: dwid

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