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    Jan 13, 2006
    63 of the 255 players drafted were white. That equates to 24.7%. The NFL is currently just under 30%. With this we see that whites are becommming increasingly less common in the NFL.

    Wikipedia.org (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL#Players)

    White skill players have become increasingly rare in the modern NFL, as most positions are filled by blacks. White running backs, defensive backs, and receivers have become less and less common over the last 25 years. In 2005, a slim majority of offensive linemen are white, while no whites are listed as Tailbacks or Cornerbacks on NFL rosters. Most quarterbacks, punters, and kickers are white, while almost all running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs, defensive linemen, safeties, punt returners, and kickoff returners are black. Increasingly, positions such as tight end, fullback, and linebacker are being filled by blacks. In the early 1980s, blacks and whites each made up roughly half of the players. Since then, the percentage of black players has increased steadily to its present 2005 level of 69%. Whites make up the majority of the remaining players, followed by Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, and Asians.

    While many of us may be distressed by these realities I would like to point out that some encouraging trends in reguards to white athletic tallent

    *whites are becomming more common in the NBA. It looks as though 1/3 of the players drafted, acording to NBAdraft.net, may be white. The NBA is currently 20% white

    *MLB is still over 60% white and it appears that whites will be able to maintain that status or even become even more dominant in the sport

    *Whites are taking over heavyweight boxing

    *White tennis players have held off any upcomming black tennis prospects

    *The top golfers in the world may soon once again be white

    *2/3 of those drafted into Major League Soccer where white this year. Our national team, thus far is all white with the exception of one black player and possible one hispanic player.

    *A few years back many believed that volleyball would become prodominatly black; this never happened. Our mens and womens national team is all white.


    *lacrosse, wrestling, swimming and diving, water polo, all winter sports (except short track), road cycling, softball, rowing, weightlifting,triathalon, surfing, X games, rifel,NASCAR, gym, horse raceing... AND ALL OTHER SPORTS THAT THE MEDIA DOES NOT GIVE ANY ATTENTION... Roughly 80% of all NCAA student athletes are white.

    *Blacks dominate basketball, football and track
    *Asians dominate handball, some martial arts, ping pong, and the "short track speed skating"
    *Mixed sports include.. Soccer, baseball, golf, boxing and marathon running.
    *whites may soon retake golf, baseball, and boxing.

    Conclusion. If whites can do well in all of these other spots then why was the NFL draft only 25% white. Shouldn't whites be athletically talented enough to do well in football also? Its not like whites do not participate in football.
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    Jan 13, 2006
    It is also noteable that whites dominate some most "international" sports such as rugby and cricket.

    White the US population in roughtly 49% white (excluding illegal persons) it is only 50% white in reguards to those under the age of 25 (UScensus.org).

    These are the population dynamics of those under the age of 25.

    16% black
    9% asian
    25% hispanic

    Here we have whites having only 1.8 children, on average, per women. Whites all around the world are having few kids. This is not a bad thing because studies have shown that well-off whites are having kids more so then poor whites. This is the opposite of any other group. Statistically, how tall a person is, attractive and intelligent predicates how much money a person makes. So whites are becomming a smaller group but also a more dynamic group of people.
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    Great post! Was nice to read, I find it encouraging that the NBA is becoming whiter, that MLB is still mostly white alongside MLS and of course the NHL.
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    Hmm, I wonder who wrote that? [​IMG] [​IMG]

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