“Queen LeBrown” Declares He’s “The Greatest of All Time”

Discussion in 'NBA' started by DixieDestroyer, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. DixieDestroyer

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    Jan 19, 2007
    Megomaniacal afrolete “Queen LeBrown” James claims the he is the greatest basketball player ever. He largely bases that on championships won, which is erroneous because those were won with a team....not by himself (as he may think). This overhyped, halfwit manchild is most certainly NOT the greatest basketball player of all time. That title belongs solely to Larry “Legend” Bird! In addition, Queen LeBrown couldn’t hold the collective jock straps of (prime) Jordan, Jabbar, Chamberlain or Magic. BTW, I say ‘MJ’ & “Tragic Johnscum” are complete garbage as human beings, but as basketball players....were better than LeBrown. In addition, I also believe that Russell Westbrook is a more complete basketball player than egomaniac LeBrown.

  2. white lightning

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    Oct 16, 2004

    Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs beat him when he had the big three in Miami for a championship. Dirk had very little help while Lebron had 2 other all stars. Who
    won the nba championship. Dirk did. You got to love that.
  3. GiovaniMarcon

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Westwood, California
    Lebron isn't even the best player in his own career span let alone all time. This bald steroid abusing sissy flopping choke artist Steve Urkel looking crybaby clownass needs to sit his "I'm inferior even to an old Kevin McHale" skirt down and dream up some other genius quotes like how being paid millions of dollars to play a game makes him a slave. His ego is about as interesting as the WNBA. Que puto
  4. Freethinker

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Brooklyn, New York
    This halfwit, pampered afrolete has been peddled to the masses since he was a teenager. When he’s spewing anti-White rhetoric and counter signaling President Trump, his (((handlers))) love him.

    However doing the bit only goes so far because amplifying some thug rapper’s lyric about “Jewish money” got him into hot water. LeBrown is too stupid to realize you don’t shine light on the tribe’s financial prowess. The goyim might realize that those evil, old, slavemaster NFL owner’s are actually “fellow whites” instead.

  5. white is right

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    Feb 16, 2006
    Chrysler Lebaron was so scared of going without a title that he conspired to create a cartel with his "friends" in Miami. If he had true conviction in his abilities he would have never left Cleveland with the phony decision.

    Essentially when he came back to Cleveland he was free rolling on his quest for another title and the mental pressure was off him, also he landed on a loaded team who was ready to win. Until we know the true story about his PED usage he can never be above the Larry, Tragic, Jordan, Kareem and Chamberlins.

    PS, I truly feel Dirk would be mentioned with these other legends if he had the supporting cast that these other players had.
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  6. BeyondFedUp

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    Oct 30, 2004
    United States
    PC SJW clown LeBron is not even top 5 greatest of all time. There are many, myself included, who watched Kobe Bryant in his prime who see him as consistently better, by far in the clutch, especially with big games on the line, always hungry, and especially defensively better than James. Bryant is hated by journalists and even some here. But even Magic and our hero Larry Bird said there's no one he'd rather have on his team, even Lebron. I get that people here despise Kobe but credit where credit is due. Here's Larry giving the nod to Bryant over James:


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