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    1. Extra Point
      Extra Point
      Hi, my username on Chess.com is Cabirio if you ever want to play. I'll play anything up to 10 minutes. I prefer 5 minute or 2/1 but will play other time limits such as 3/2. I'm not good at 3 or 1 minute games but will play them.
    2. mastermulti
      Hey WL, I'M IN SPAIN now till easter then Amsterdam for 3.5 months. Can't wait to see Kilty, Schippers and Lemaitre live
    3. mastermulti
      hey matey. Will post any results here over next 2 weeks then off to Europe till mid July. Have booked 4 days at European champs in Amsterdam so hope to see and get autographs from Lemaitre, Schippers, Kilty and Gemili (maybe Guliyev?). Did you see 20 year old Josh Clarke ran legal 10.15. He's going to try to best that at same stadium in 2 weeks time. That's a qualifier
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